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Our staff is highly trained to provide your child with a positive gymnastic experience. They love coaching and are convinced that gymnastics will enhance not only their athletic abilities, but also give them a head start toward a healthy lifestyle. We are a family business and believe that our values help form the foundation on which to build an enjoyable experience for your child through gymnastics training in our program.

Our coaches have a passion for sharing the sport of gymnastics with their students. They have multi-faceted experience in many different areas such as dance, acrobatics, physical training, sports psychology, education and most have been competitive gymnasts.



GWC provides top-notch equipment for all levels of gymnastics in an over 10,000 square foot facility which includes an upstairs viewing area and free WiFi.

Our equipment includes:

Our equipment is adjustable to fit the gymnast and provides a safe environment for learning new skills. Safety awareness is our prime concern,
and we maintain high standards to ensure the safety of your child.