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Angel Leon Makes Waves

Angel Leon is determined to compete in the next Summer Olympics in 2020. Check out his interview with the following link.

His Story

Congratulations to Our Boys!

Nationals Meet Nationals Meet
National Championships
Caleb: Level 10 (18 year old) National Champion AA and PB, 2nd PH and HB, 3rd FX
Brett: Level 10 (18 year old) 5th All Around, and 3rd SR
Angel: Level 10 (15 year old) 4th All Around, 2nd FX and SR, 3rd PH
Jonah: Level 9 21st All Around

At JO National Championships this year, 2016, our boys team did an amazing job. Caleb is our 13th National Champion from Gymnastics World. Brett took 5th Place All Around for Level 10 18 years old. Angel took 4th Place All Around for Level 10 15 years old. Johan took 21st Place All Around Level 9.

Angel qualified to go to the USA Championships later this year to compete again.

Kumamoto Earthquake

On April 14, Kumamoto Prefecture sustained the biggest quake in the country since March 2011. The quake was messured as a 7.0 magnitude. Several days later the area was hit with a 6.5 magnitude quake. The area has sustained over 130 aftershocks that continue to cause damage, and loss of life.

We raised $1,312.00 and donated to Kumamoto Red Cross in Japan to assist the residents with recovery efforts from the massive earthquake. We appreciate your generous support.

Thank you and please keep the region in your thoughts.