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Why Gymnastics?
Study after study confirm that kids involved in sports, including gymnastics, are more likely to stay away from drugs, score higher on achievement tests, stay in school, have greater self-esteem and live a healthier lifestyle. Gym World Central is a healthy athletic environment where children are learning motor development, interpersonal relationship skills, perseverance, discipline, commitment, humor, perspective, teamwork, humility and leadership. And they kids think they're just having fun!

Here are some of the most important reasons why learning a cartwheel or a giant is a valuable investment:

Gymnastics is a multifaceted sport.
This is a sport that develops physical strength, speed, agility, nerves of steel, and competitive prowess. Throw in grace and personality and you have a sport that relays on a wide range of ability.

Each event in gymnastics offers unique challenges and thrills and include: General Gymnastics for Men include Rings, Horse, Vault, Floor, High Bar, Parallel Bars. General Events for Women/Girls include: Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor and Vault. Add in Trampoline and Tumbling and the opportunities in the sport are endless.

Gymnastics is a challenging sport.
Walking, let alone flipping, is hard to do on a four-inch balance beam. It takes more than a few push-ups to master an iron cross on the rings. Gymnastics is "difficult." But the very qualities it takes to master these skills - courage, perseverance, risk, determination, vision - are the qualities that teaches excellence in life. With support from parents and skilled guidance from coaches, gymnasts are better prepared to handle the "difficulties" of life because of the challenges faced in the gym.

Gymnastics is a socially interactive sport.
The unique social environment in the gym provides for healthy growth. In gymnastics, a nine-year old trains with older and younger athletes. Self-esteem is enhanced through friendships with older teammates. Maturity and perspective is gained as that child relates to and becomes a role model for younger athletes on the team. The social maturity gained within the sport is far healthier than the "social immaturity" forced on kids spending aimless afternoons at the mall or watching television.

Gymnastics teaches individual responsibility and courage.
Though there is a team element, gymnastics is an individual sport. When practice is over and the judge raises the signal, the athlete faces the apparatus alone. To execute a routine successfully, under the scrutiny of judges, coaches and spectators, it takes concentration, determination, endurance, confidence and courage.



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